Phone Booth: Blu-ray Vs. Television Composite

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Usually when films air on television, they would reinsert deleted scenes to bring up the run time of the film or to make up for footage that is too violent or graphic. Phone Booth is no exception. When aired on FX, the channel had reinserted a deleted scene with Jared Leto, who was completely cut from the Blu-rays and DVDs. According to an interview by Jared Leto, this scene was cut because it was “too funny”. However, only a low quality excerpt of the FX version has surfaced online. I had decided to take the full screen DVD and sourced the deleted scene from a YouTube video called “Phone Booth – Jared Leto” to make a longer cut of the film.

Difference Report:


The television composite adds in a deleted scene, where one of Stu’s clients, Bobby (played by Jared Leto), is contemplating of dropping him for a new agent.

Television Composite:


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