Thomas and the Magic Railroad: DVD Vs. Workprint

In December of 2019, a timecoded fullscreen workprint was leaked out online by someone who had taken part in the production of a fan funded documentary called “An Unlikely Fandom”. This workprint contains several deleted scenes and alterations of shots. This workprint contains missing music, unfinished effects, as well as the original voiceovers for the […]

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Octopussy: Blu-ray Vs. Workprint

This is a rough quality workprint that has been traded amongst fans of the James Bond series. This workprint is missing the credits, and contains one longer shot and one additional shot. This copy is pan and scanned to fullscreen and is also suffers from quality problems such as noise and audio hiss. Difference Report: […]

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Girl Interrupted: DVD Vs. Workprint

In 1999, a workprint was leaked LsDVD. This workprint contains some additional and alternate shots as well as one deleted scene. The additional footage have not been officially released. This workprint contains a running timecode. The workprint also suffers from VHS degradation with audio crackling. Difference Report: 0:12 The workprint contains some alternate and longer […]

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