Hate Crime: DVD Vs. Workprint


In June 26, 2005, a workprint was made. This workprint has two deleted scenes and one extended scene. Both of the deleted scenes appear on the DVD, but the extended scene does not. The workprint also has an alternate soundtrack. The video quality is identical to the DVD.

Difference Report:


The workprint contains an extended scene. Connor tells Stella that Trey might let him pitch at a baseball game if he practices on his pitching.




The workprint contains a deleted scene. Stella begins to scold Connor’s father for running late to Trey’s funeral. Connor then asks Stella if it is OK to put a picture of him and Trey inside his casket. Stella tells him that Trey would like that.




The workprint contains a deleted scene. Robbie asks Stella how Connor and the baseball team are doing. Stella tells him Connor is doing is fine but won’t touch a baseball and doesn’t know how the team is doing. Stella then tells him that their mom is worried about him. Robbie says that their mother wants him to stay with her in Florida. Stella notes that it is not a bad idea and that he should not be alone until everything is over with. Robbie rejects the offer and then asks Stella if she can watch Phoebe for a while. She asks why but he ignores the question. She says she can but then asks what is going on. Robbie stares at her blankly and she realizes that he is going to do something crazy.



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