Body Parts: DVD Vs. Workprint Composite


To secure a NC-17 rating for the film, two scenes were cut from the film. Both scenes can be found on the director’s official YouTube channel, titled “BODY PARTS unrated deleted scene #1 – The Arm Scene” and “BODY PARTS unrated deleted scene #2 – The O.R. Scene“. Both scenes have degraded a little bit in quality as they are taken from a workprint. The director had stated in one of the comments on his videos that he did not like the deleted scenes, as they had ruined the tension in the first part of the movie.  A fan of the film, bcountryjr, had created a composite cut of the film, adding in the two deleted scenes back into the Paramount DVD.

Difference Report:


The workprint composite adds in a deleted scene with Bill watching his severed arm get run over by a truck.

Workprint Composite:



The workprint composite adds in a deleted scene with Dr. Webb surgically attaching a new arm on Bill.

Workprint Composite:


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