The Blair Witch Project: Blu-ray Vs. FX TV Version


In October of 2001, an extended version had aired on the FX channel. This version had added in two deleted scenes during the end credits of the film, both involving Mike’s goodbye video. This version had dubbed out all the curse words, but no footage was cut. These two deleted scenes have yet to be released on the DVD and Blu-ray.


Difference Report:


The FX TV version contains a deleted scene with Mike saying goodbye to his friends and family and thanking them for being apart of his life. He then says he hopes that his legacy will carry on and that he wants to be remembered for his film making.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version contains a deleted scene with Heather apologizing to Mike about putting him in this situation, which Mike responds by saying that she doesn’t need to apologize. They then talk about how they have no will left to continue.

FX TV Version:


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