Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Theatrical Blu-ray Vs. CBS TV Version


When editing the film,  director Robert Zemeckis had cut out the first finished scene due to pacing reasons. An extended version of this film had aired on The Wonderful World of Disney in 1991, with this deleted scene reinserted into the film. This deleted scene has since been released on DVD and Blu-ray. The TV version has some tape damage, with discoloration and audio is slightly distorted audio. The tape also cuts out for 5 seconds at 1:35:32 to a blue screen.


Different Report:


The CBS TV version shortens the scene with Dolores asking Eddie where he’s going.

Theatrical Blu-ray:



The CBS TV version adds in the deleted scene with Eddie being questioned by Dr. Doom after he breaks into Jessica’s apartment. The weasels then kidnap him and take him into Toontown, where they attach a pig head on Eddie. Eddie is then thrown out of Toontown and then rushes to his office, where he washes the head off with turpentine.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version cuts out a shot of the office.


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