The Shawshank Redemption: Blu-ray Vs. Workprint Composite


A making of featurette for The Shawshank Redemption had aired on the Showtime Channel back in 1995.  This making of featurette contained two deleted scenes that were excerpted from the workprint. These two deleted scenes have yet to be released on the DVDs and the Blu-rays. Another person, mousemitch, had created an extended version by adding these two deleted scenes to a Blu-ray copy, bringing up the run time by 4 minutes. The deleted scenes are noticeably lower quality and one of the deleted scenes has a studio watermark.

Difference Report:


The workprint composite contains a deleted scene with a guard being sent down to investigate Andy’s tunnel. When he is being lowered down, he begins to smell the exposed pipes where the guard begins to vomit. Red overhears this in his cell and begins to laugh uncontrollably. As a result, Red is put into solitary confinement.

Workprint Composite:



The workprint composite adds in the deleted scene with Red walking around the city, and noting all the societal changes of women after being in prison for 40 years. He then has a panic attack while working in the grocery store and runs into the washroom.

Workprint Composite:


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