When Trumpets Fade: DVD Vs. Workprint


In 1998, a workprint was sent out for test screenings before the air date on the HBO channel. This is a nearly finished version of the movie, with music and effects already finalized. The workprint begins with a disclaimer, stating “THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS THE MUSIC, SOUND EFFECTS, CREDITS AND COLOR ARE TEMPORARY”.  There is also some notable color tinting throughout the film. The workprint also has low audio hiss, but is well preserved in terms of video quality.



The workprint contains some alternate text that explains the aftermath of the Battle of the Hürtgen Forest. The workprint has the total casualty count of the battle. It then explains that historians agree that the battle was a failure for the Americans. The DVD has the length of the battle and the total casualty county of the battle and then explains that it was largely forgotten due to the Battle of the Bulge occurring a few days later.


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