Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Theatrical Blu-ray Vs. ABC Family TV Version

As part of it’s television premiere for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, ABC Family had ran a marathon for all of the Harry Potter movies in March of 2010. As with all of the other Harry Potter films, ABC Family had restored deleted scenes back into the film. This version adds in all of the deleted scenes that were featured on the DVDs and Blu-rays bonus features. This version was also officially released for it’s Ultimate Editions.

Difference Report:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Dudley is standing at the mantelpiece with a new uniform while Petunia takes some photos. Vernon proudly talks about Dudley’s admittance into Smelting’s Academy as Harry walks in. Harry questions if he will also have to wear that uniform. Both Vernon and Petunia turn their heads and laugh at the idea of Harry attending Smelting’s Academy. Petunia informs Harry that he will be attending Stonewall High School instead. She shows Harry Dudley’s old uniform, which they are dyeing for him as his uniform. Harry objects, noting that the uniform will fit him like elephant skin. Petunia scolds Harry, telling him it will fit him well enough and orders to him go get the mail.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Petunia begins to crack an egg. When she opens it, it reveals to be another Hogwart’s acceptance letter. She opens the other eggs, revealing to be letters as well. She then looks up and begins to scream when she sees some owls outside her window.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Harry and Hagrid are seen riding the subway. Harry begins to list out the items he will need for school.  Hagrid tells Harry that a wand is one of the most essential items. Harry then asks if the dragonhide gloves are made from an actual dragon. Hagrid tells him that they are, and comments that he would love to have a dragon himself. Hagrid then nods and smiles at woman who is eavesdropping their conversation.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains an extended scene. After Snape tells Harry that fame is not everything, Harry tells Snape to ask Hermione to answer the question. The class begins to giggle before Snape silences them. He then sits down in front of Harry and gives him the answers to his questions. He orders the rest of the class to start copying down the information he just said and heads back to his desk.  Snape then deducts five points from the Gryffindor house for Harry’s comments. Both Harry and Snape glare at each other while Draco smirks at the entire situation.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Harry, Ron and Hermione are exiting the bathroom after defeating the troll. Harry thanks Hermione for taking the blame. Ron tells him that they should not thank her, since they had saved her life. Harry reminds Ron that Hermione would have not needed saving if he had not insulted her.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Harry is sitting at in front of the fireplace while the other Gryffindor members eat breakfast. Ron approaches Harry and asks if he wants to play chess or visit Hagrid. Harry declines and continues to stare at the fire. Ron warns Harry that something is not right about that mirror and then walks away.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Harry, Ron and Hermione are studying in the Great Hall. Hermione notices that Ron is playing with his cards and tells him he should be studying for the final exams. Ron hits back, saying that he is ready for the final exams. Hermione then quizzes him on a potion question. He tells her he forgot. She asks him what he will do when the actual exams occurs. He says that he will probably cheat off her. Hermione tells him that he cannot cheat because McGonagall will place an anti-cheating spell. Ron gets upset by that, thinking that the teachers do not trust them. Then, Neville hops into the Great Hall. Ron questions who put the leg-locker curse on Neville, which Harry assumes that it is Draco. When Neville reaches them, Ron tells him that he should learn to stand up to people. Neville tells him that he can’t even stand at all, prompting Seamus to offer to a counter curse. Neville immediately declines, given Seamus’s history of blowing things up when conducting spells. Offended, Seamus tells them that his eyebrows have since grown back from his last botched spell. He then storms off, inadvertently showing a bald spot. Harry tells Ron that he has found some information on Nicolas Flamel on Dumbledore’s Chocolate Frog card. The card reveals that Dumbledore was partners with Nicolas Flamel with alchemy. Hermione tells Harry to follow her and immediately runs out of the Great Hall. The two follow suit, leaving Neville behind. Neville shouts at them to do a counter curse before falling down.

ABC Family TV Version:

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