Beavis and Butt-Head Do America: DVD Vs. MTV TV Version


In August 7th, 1999, MTV aired a special extended version for it’s network premiere. While there is some cuts for drug usage, a deleted scene was reinserted after the credits. This deleted scene was never officially released and only shown for this airing. The deleted scene was mentioned in the DVD commentary track, with the director mentioning that the scene was disliked by test audiences. The quality is almost similar to the DVD, with only minimal amounts of degradation and discoloration.

Difference Report:


The MTV TV version shortens a scene of Beavis going through the old woman’s purse and eating her pills.




The MTV TV version shortens a shot of Agent Flemming commenting about what would happen if the X-5 Unit were to be put in the wrong hands.




The MTV TV version shortens a scene of Beavis eating the pills in the old woman’s purse.




The MTV TV version contains a deleted scene. The tour group is at the National Archives Museum, looking at the Declaration of Independence. Beavis and Butt-Head are seen in the bathroom. Beavis then walks out of the bathroom to look for some toilet paper. He walks up to the Declaration of Independence and decides that would work. He begins to lift the glass case, while the security guard is sleeping. Then, he uses a flag pole to break the glass. The glass finally breaks, setting off the alarm. The security guard is awoken by the alarm and rushes to the broken case. Beavis walks back to the bathroom undetected as multiple police officers also run to the broken case. He then flushes the Declaration of Independence after using it to wipe. Butt-Head tells him that they should leave. Beavis comments that paper sucked and it was crumbly. The camera then pans to a piece of the Declaration of Independence with John Hancock’s signature stuck on Beavis’s shoe.

MTV TV Version:


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