Iron Man 3: Theatrical Blu-ray Vs. Chinese Theatrical Version


When creating Iron Man 3,  Marvel had decided to film special new scenes that were meant to appeal to a Chinese audience. Some of the scenes had been filmed in China, with footage that was exclusive to an alternate cut that was theatrically released in China. This footage all involve a new character, Dr. Wu, played by Wang Xueqi. In the original theatrical version, Dr. Wu is seen briefly at the New Year’s party, being introduced by Ho Yinsen.  The Chinese theatrical version however, expands on this scene. This theatrical version had received mixed responses in China, with some of the moviegoers saying the additional footage was deemed to be “unnecessary”. Two of the scenes from this cut were added back to the MCU Phase 2 Collection Bonus Disc, called “Alternate China Ending”. The two other scenes have yet to be released officially. This copy has a watermark from the piracy group that had leaked this version.


Difference Report:


The Chinese theatrical version contains a longer scene of Tony Stark being introduced to Dr. Wu by Ho Yinsen, where Ho Yinsen describes Dr. Wu’s contributions to robotic heart surgery. Happy then asks Dr. Wu if he’s taking a break since it is the end of the world. Dr. Wu begins talking about the Y2K panic, and mentions that the Chinese people aren’t worried about it since the Lunar Calendar has passed Y2K. Tony then invites Dr. Wu to stay for the New Year’s party, but Dr. Wu declines.

Chinese Theatrical Version:



The Chinese theatrical version contains an alterante scene of Tony Stark walking away from Dr. Wu and Ho Yinsen. Dr. Wu appears to be annoyed and Ho appears to be more confused in the theatrical Blu-ray.

Chinese Theatrical Version:



Theatrical Blu-ray:



The Chinese theatrical version contains an additional scene of Dr. Wu watching a news report of Tony. He then calls Jarvis, where he asks for Tony. Jarvis states that Tony is busy right now and can’t come to the phone. Dr. Wu then asks Jarvis to call him back, as he willing to offer help to Tony.

Chinese Theatrical Version:



The Chinese theatrical version contains a deleted scene with Wu Jiaqi and Dr. Wu cleaning and preparing to operate on Tony’s arc reactor. Dr. Wu tells Wu Jiaqi about what will happen during the surgery. He asks if there’s any problems, to which she responds by talking about the consequence of losing Tony during the surgery. She also tells Dr. Wu that all computer simulation tests had resulted in Tony dying. He responds by saying they should get a new computer.



The Chinese theatrical version contains a longer shot of Dr. Wu putting on his face mask.

Chinese Theatrical Version:



The Chinese theatrical version contains a deleted scene with Jarvis calling Dr. Wu. Jarvis says that he has given Tony some medical advice recommended by Dr. Wu, but does not listen. Dr. Wu then says that he felt obligated to help out Tony, as Tony is in charge of helping many people himself.

Chinese Theatrical Version:



The Chinese theatrical version contains some additional credits for Wang Xueqi and Fan BingBing.

Chinese Theatrical Version:


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