The Big Boss: Blu-ray Vs. Extended Version


The Big Boss has been known for it’s history of censorship. In 1971, Chinese censors had cut out the “saw in the head scene”, deeming it to be too graphic. Afterwards, filmmakers had cut out several scenes, some for violence or nudity, while others for time. However, some of the cut footage remained in the 8mm and VHS trailers, most notably Cheng Chao-an with another prostitute, a shot of Hsu Chien’s head bleeding during his fight with the Boss’s son and a shot of one of the dead cousin, Chen Yu, in the ice. Some of this footage was restored by a composite made by The Workprint Collection in 2013. This added some of the footage that only appeared in the VHS and out of print DVDs, along with some of the footage that only ever appeared in the 8mm and VHS trailers into the Shout! Factory Cantonese dubbed Blu-ray. This composite also sources one of extended scenes from a fan made YouTube video, titled “The Big Boss Full “Ice Factory Recut” with missing Face in ice“.


The extended version contains a cut shot of Cheng Chao-an and his cousins running to the factory.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted shot of Hsu Chien with his head bleeding.

Extended Version:



The extended cersion contains an extended scene with Cheng Chao-an finding Ah Chen’s face in the ice.

Extended Version:




The extended version contains an additional scene involving a flashback after Cheng Chao-an finds all his cousins murdered.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a cut shot of Cheng Chao-an turning the Boss around with his fingers stabbed in his chest.

Extended Version:


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