Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure: DVD Vs. Disney Channel TV Version


When aired on Disney Channel, an additional scene would play during and over the end credits. This additional scene was the only appearance of Lucas Gabreel’s character, Ryan. This additional scene has not been officially released, as this movie was the first to be released on home media before airing for television for Disney.

Difference Report:


The Disney Channel TV version contains an additional scene with Ryan visiting Sharpay in her apartment. They talk about their experiences in high school and how they’ve made it into fame. Ryan and Sharpay then relax, when Boi gets up when he hears the neighbors. Sharpay chases after him, and Ryan sits back and relaxes. However, the bed springs back up, with him in it. He screams for help, but he is not heard.

Disney Channel TV Version:


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  1. hello there! i have been looking for this scene for years, and still can’t seem to find a proper version of it. would it be possible for you to send me the video to my mail id? the scene where ryan visits sharpay in sharpays fabulous adventure

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