Phantom of the Opera: Blu-ray Vs. Network TV Version


When NBC bought the broadcast rights to the movie, the studio had decided to add additional scenes into the movie. They had decided to add in a new subplot of the film, involving two Scotland Yard inspectors, played by Liam Redmond and John Madison. These scenes were not authorized by Hammer Productions. Allegedly, this version has been destroyed in a studio fire and all that exists left are VHS recordings. This recording comes from a severely deteriorated VHS, where the frame rate is jumpy. The audio is also crackling throughout as well and picture quality is heavily saturated. These scenes have not been officially released on any format.


Difference Report:


The network TV version removes as shot of Lattimer and Lord Ambrose D’arcy sitting inside the box




The network TV version shortens a shot of the stage hand’s body, but does include an additional scene. In it, two Scotland Yard inspectors, Ward and Dawson talk to Mrs. Yates, the wife of Tom, the stage hand who was found dead. Ward asks Mrs. Yates about whether or not Tom had heard or noticed anything strange going on at the opera house. Mrs. Yates mentions about Tom’s experience when he was alone at the opera house, noting that he heard someone walking around and playing the organ. Dawson brings up Tom’s drinking habits. He notes that Tom was suicidal after being drunk twice. Mrs. Yates states that Tom was not suicidal, but Dawson leads her out. Ward begins to bicker with Dawson, stating that Tom was murdered by a superstitious force, which Dawson completely disagrees. He asks why it’s so hard to not understand that Tom had committed suicide. Ward retorts back, asking why he doesn’t believe that Tom didn’t commit suicide. Ward states that it would be because that any other explanation is too incredible to believe.

Network TV Version:





The network TV version shortens a shot of Christine asking the Phantom to reveal himself.




The network TV version shortens two shots, one of Harry and Christine watching the rat catcher walk away and one of the rat catcher going through the door.




The network TV version removes and shortens some footage of the Dwarf killing the rat catcher.




The network TV version contains an additional scene with Inspectors Ward and Dawson talking about the murder of the rat catcher. Ward deduces that it couldn’t have been a suicide this time, and Dawson states that it’s impossible for it to have been a ghost. Ward brings up Christine’s testimony, which describes the Phantom. Then, Mr. Forbes, a member of the directors for the opera house, comes in. Ward and Dawson begin questioning him about the original building plans and whether or not he had located them. He says he did not locate them and that the building was constantly renovated. They ask him whether or not someone could be hiding in there, which Mr. Forbes state it’s possible, considering the amount of sewers and passages.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains a deleted scene that involves a flashback. In this, the opera house is playing a sold out performance. Harry enters a box where Lattimer is sitting. Lattimer questions why Lord Ambrose D’arcy is late to his own opera. Harry then questions how Lord Ambrose D’arcy is able to compose excellent pieces, given his musical taste. Lord Ambrose D’arcy is behind them and hears Harry’s comments. Harry walks out and Lord Ambrose D’arcy states that if Harry wasn’t the best producer in London, he would’ve been fired.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains an additional scene with the newly hired opera singer, Ms. Marko. She arrives home and begins to light up a lamp. She ends up being attacked by an unknown assailant with a knife. However, the unknown assailant fails to kill Ms. Marko and she escapes the room as does the unknown assailant. Inspectors Ward and Dawson investigate Ms. Marko’s home. Dawson mentions a witness’s statement about what had happened, describing Ms. Marko running out of the house after hearing her screams. Dawson then finds a business card, which is that of Lord Ambrose D’arcy. Dawson begins to connect the pieces and wonders if this attack is related with the other murders at the opera house. Ward tells Dawson that he will question Lord Ambrose D’arcy about this and they both leave.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains an additional scene with Inspectors Ward and Dawson. Dawson enters the office to inquire about Ms. Marko, where Ward states that she is staying in Lord Ambrose D’arcy’s house. Ward also interviewed Lord Ambrose D’arcy, who apparently had tried to downplay the murders of the opera house.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains an additional scene with Mr. Forbes meeting Inspector Ward in the Black Museum. There, Ward shows Mr. Forbes relics and artifacts of some the UK’s infamous criminals. Mr. Forbes ask why he was wasting his time, and says that he has talked to the board of directors to reopen the opera house and asks for reassurance that nothing will occur again. Ward tells him he cannot keep that promise and Mr. Forbes asks if there’s anything they can do to prevent this. Ward tells him that there is nothing that they can do, as he believe’s that the murderer will never be caught.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version shortens a shot of Harry walking into a room.



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