Superman: Extended Blu-Ray Vs. KCOP TV Version


In 2017, Warner Bros had released a remastered version of the infamous extended TV version of Superman. This contained a 1080p remaster from a 35mm print of the 188 minute version that had aired on local network channels like KCOP. However, oddly enough, the extended cut is not an identical remaster of the KCOP TV version. There is still some alternate footage in one scene. The KCOP TV version was also panned and scanned to 4:3 aspect ratio, while the extended cut is set at it’s original 2:35:1 aspect ratio. The original KCOP TV version also comes from a VHS recording, which suffers from audio static and video damage.


Difference Report:


The KCOP TV version contains an alternate shot, with the KCOP TV version focusing on Lex beating Otis outside of the van while the extended cut focuses on Eve controlling the van.

KCOP TV Version:


Extended Blu-ray:


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