Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter: Blu-ray Vs. Network TV Version


As like many movies, deleted scenes were added back into TV airings to increase the runtime. Oddly enough, this TV airing did not cut out majority of the nudity, or violence, or censor majority of the swearing. The only scenes that were cut out wouldn’t have been usually cut out by network censors. Some of the deleted scenes can be seen on the Ultimate Edition DVD under the title “Tales From the Cutting Room”, while some others remain exclusive to the TV. The TV version also suffers some heavy discoloration.

Difference Report:


The network TV version contains two deleted scenes. It starts off with Tommy showing Rob his guillotine. Tommy slices up an object before putting his fingers inside the guillotine. Rob tells Tommy to knock it off, but then Tommy releases the guillotine. Tommy’s fingers are sliced off and Rob begins to freak out. Tommy shows Rob it was just a dud hand, which relieves Rob. Trish comes in and asks if Rob would like to stay, which he declines. Then, Doug goes into a room, where Sara is staying. They talk a bit awkwardly before Doug asks Sara is she has a boyfriend. She says she has a few, which Doug thinks she has none. They talk a bit about the party, where they both reveal they’re not looking forward to it. Doug suggests they should hide out in the room during the party, but Sara declines.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains a deleted scene with Rob inspecting his motion detector. He realizes it begins to rain and there is thunder coming.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version removes a shot of Tina unbuttoning her shirt.




The network TV version contains an additional shot of Jimmy and Tina kissing on the bed. Tina unbuttons Jimmy’s shirt in the process.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains an additional shot of the title for the reel of the movie the group is watching.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version removes a scene with Jimmy and Tina in bed. Jimmy asks how well he did and Tina answered that he did incredible. The network TV version also removed a shot of the movie that was playing.


(Since some of the footage is sexually explicit, I will only be posting some screenshots)


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