The Birdcage: Blu-ray Vs. ABC TV Version

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An extended version would be aired on ABC channel throughout the cable years. This version had nearly 10 minutes of deleted scenes inserted into the film, most likely to fit the run time into a three hour slot. None of the scenes were trimmed or removed, but some of the swearing was overdubbed. The deleted scenes have not been officially released on DVD or Blu-ray. This comes from a VHS recording in April of 2004. The video quality is also noticeably lower than that of the Blu-ray.


Difference Report:


The ABC TV version contains a deleted scene. Armand heads towards a mirror and begins to powder his face. Outside The Birdcage, Val is in a taxi. The taxi drives through the busy crowds. Val pays the taxi driver and walks to the door.

ABC TV Version:



The ABC TV version contains a deleted scene. Albert freaks out when he realizes the baker had made a mistake on the cake, with the cake saying “Uncle” instead “Auntie”. Albert then says that Armand and him will have to redecorate Val’s room when he gets married. Albert then discusses about making more room for their future grandchildren. He then laughs at the idea of Armand being a grandfather. Armand tells Albert to get ready for show, while jokingly calling him a grandmother.

ABC TV Version:



The ABC TV version contains a deleted scene with Armand in The Birdcage. He’s sitting at the bar when the bartender begins to restock. The bartender calls out for his son to get a keg and his son says that he is trying but can’t because of his new shoes. The bartender reveals to Armand that his son had won over three scholarships. Armand congratulates him, and tells the bartender that Val is getting a degree in engineering and is top 20 in his class. The two discuss that their expectations for how their kids will grow up have changed from when they were teens. The bartender tries to look at this in a optimistic view, stating that they are alive and in college. The bartender then yells at his son for taking too much time to get the keg. The Blu-ray has a longer shot of Armand smoking.

ABC TV Version:





The ABC TV version contains a deleted scene with the Keeley’s exiting a rest stop in the border of Florida before heading back on the freeway. Harry and his photographer unsuspectingly follow them. Then Val is practicing in the mirror to introduce the Keeley’s to his mother.

ABC TV Version:



The ABC TV version contains an additional shot of Albert getting into the car after Armand calls her secretary to leave a message for Katherine.

ABC TV Version:



The ABC TV version contains a deleted scene in a newsroom. One news executive wants a Miami news team to track down Keeley’s whereabouts. The other news executive states that there is more important news going on, with an earthquake causing the deaths of over five thousand people. The news executive mentions that The National Enquirer is on this story, to which the other news executive reconsiders his decision and decides to send that news team.

ABC TV Version:



The ABC TV version contains a deleted scene with Katherine. She is pulling up to The Birdcage, where she sees the news van parked there. She asks the driver of the van if they will leave the space. The driver rudely says no, and then tells her it’s illegal to double park at an intersection. She then drives away, annoyed and frustrated.

ABC TV Version:



The ABC TV version contains a deleted scene with Albert explaining the backstory of the peasant stew. He explains that the stew is a Guatemalan tradition, where the two families eat together to symbolize “that they’re both going to be in the same pot”. Armand gives more of the stew to the Keeley’s, where he tells them it’s the main course. Louise asks what’s the ingredient that makes this stew sweet. Kevin says there’s pineapples in the soup and takes it out of his mouth.

ABC TV Version:



The ABC TV version contains a deleted scene with a news team from CBS 6 asking another news team what’s going on. The news team asks why are they here. The news team from CBS 6 says that they were sent because they heard that they were here.

ABC TV Version:



The ABC TV version contains an additional shot of Katherine questioning who made this stew. Agador states that he made it, and Katherine says it tastes wonderful.

ABC TV Version: