Police Academy 3: Back in Training: Blu-ray Vs. CBS TV Version

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On August 28th, 1989, CBS aired an extended version. This extended version contained many deleted scenes that were reinstated to help fit the time slot due to the film’s odd run time. This extended version also shortens some footage due to swearing. Due to the damage from the VHS, some shots will speed up by a second at random times. The audio quality is also very fuzzy. None of the deleted scenes have been officially released on DVD or Blu-ray.

Difference Report:


The CBS TV version contains an alternate and shorter shot, with the CBS TV version focusing on Commandant Lassard. The Blu-ray has Lieutenant Callahan asking Commandant Mauser why he isn’t doing more to suck up to the governor

CBS TV Version:





The CBS TV version contains an alternate and shorter shot of the purse snatcher. The purse snatcher stares at Sergeant Hightower in the CBS TV version. In the Blu-ray, he swears after realizing Sergeant Hightower is a man.

CBS TV Version:




The CBS TV version shortens a shot of Lieutenant Callahan telling Sarah that she’ll have “balls of steel” and removes a shot of Sarah Mother’s reaction.




The CBS TV version contains an additional shot of Sergeant Jones performing karate in front of the cadets.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version contains a deleted scene. Sergeant Copeland asks whether or not to leave separately. Commandant Mauser says yes and wishes them luck. Sergeant Copeland and Sergeant Blanks leave the rooftop. Lieutenant Proctor asks Commandant Mauser whether or not he wishes to retire from the police force. Commandant Mauser angrily says no, and berates Lieutenant Proctor asking that. Lieutenant Proctor backtracks on his comments and runs to the stairs. Commandant Mauser thinks about Lieutenant Proctor said for a moment before trying to the open the stairs to exit the roof. He learns that the door is locked and screams for someone to open the door. On the other side of the street, a robbery is taking place. Commandant Mauser notices it and yells at the robbers to not steal their car. The robbers do not hear Commandant Mauser and take his car and drives away. He rushes to the fire escape and ladder, but slips. He begins to climb down the ladder when the screws loosen. The screws become dislodged and he is left hanging upside down. A police helicopter notices him, and Commandant Mauser tries to signal to them that he’s a police officer. A woman who lives in the apartment building looks outside to see the commotion.  Commandant Mauser asks her to grab her hand. She denies and tells him to get away from her window. Commandant Mauser tells her she’s a police officer. She demands to see some ID. He grabs it and tries to show his ID to her but drops it into the garbage dumpster. He end up losing his grip and falls into the garbage dumpster as well. Several cops surround him and draws their guns out. Commandant Mauser yells at them to shoot him.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version shortens a shot of Commissioner Hurst berated Mr. Miller for not identifying the perpetrator who robbed his store.




The CBS TV version contains a deleted scene with Commandant Mauser visiting. Commissioner Hurst asks why Commandant Mauser is here, and he replies that he’s paying respects before he runs his men on the field. Commissioner Hurst tells him leave and Sergeant Mahoney approaches Commandant Mauser. He questions why Commandant Mauser is here and suspects something is up. Commandant Mauser warns Sergeant Mahoney to watch his tone, as he might be on his knees, begging him for a job in the nearby future. Sergeant Mahoney comments that he’s not his type and walks away.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version contains several deleted scenes. It first starts with Commandant Lassard asking Sergeant Mahoney and Sergeant Blanks’s about their training methods. Sergeant Mahoney disagrees with Sergeant Blanks’s idea of making the cadets run at 3:00 in the morning. Sergeant Blanks disagrees and argues back. Commandant Lassard tells them to quiet down, as they are being observed the evaluation committee. The Sergeant’s salute and walk away. Then, Sergeant Tackleberry is called into a woman’s house. He asks what the problem is. The woman says her son refuses to climb down from the tree and attend school. Sergeant Tackleberry attempts to negotiate with the son, but the son refuses to go to school. Sergeant Tackleberry takes out a chainsaw and begins to cut down the tree, much to the disapproval of the woman. Cadets Sarah and Adams are out patrolling. Cadet Sarah talks about why her mother made her join the police force. Cadet Adams notices three men at a TV store. She asks to identify them. One of the men lies to her that he owns the store. Cadet Adams whispers to Cadet Sarah to go get backup. Cadet Sarah unwillingly goes and Cadet Sarah threatens the three men by swinging her baton. She accidentally breaks the window and the three men steal some of the products. Then, Sergeant Hightower is driving with Cadet Kirkland in the passenger seat. He drives over a speed bump. Cadet Kirkland accidentally fires the shotgun in his hand.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version contains two deleted scenes. Cadet Hedges jokes whether or not the police computer can pick up the MTV signal. Sergeant Hooks scolds the class for joking around. She then encourages them to help beat Mauser’s cadet academy. Later, Cadet Kirkland is driving and Sergeant Jones orders to him to stop near on a young kid. Cadet Kirkland asks whether or not to read him his Miranda rights. Sergeant Hooks reveal that kid is his nephew. He asks his nephew why he hasn’t been visiting the police academy. His nephew says that he was kicked out, where both Cadet Kirkland and Sergeant Jones both realize it was Sergeant Blanks. Sergeant Jones asks his nephew how his one on one went. His nephew walks away, thinking that he’s making fun of him. Sergeant Jones then throws a basketball to him before driving away.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version contains an extended scene with Sergeant Blanks and Sergeant Copeland scolding the cadets. Sergeant Blanks states that some of the cadets will remain civilians. Cadet Hedges scoffs at the idea and Sergeant Blanks orders Sergeant Copeland to spell out respect. Cadet Hedges says that’s he rich and doesn’t need to respect anyone. Sergeant Mahoney takes his money and splits it in half, since they are both equal.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version removes some footage of the policepersons ball, where cadets and officers slow dance. The prostitute that Commandant Lassard had relations with in the first film approaches him.




The CBS TV version contains a deleted scene with Lieutenant Proctor driving up to a stoplight. A truck driver right next to Lieutenant Proctor’s car sees Lieutenant Proctor naked. Lieutenant awkwardly says waves at him. The truck driver waves back at him and jokingly whistles. Lieutenant Proctor slumps back in embarrassment and speeds away once the light turned green.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version contains two deleted scenes. The old lady could not identify her quarter that she put into the payphone. Cadet Sweetchuck informs that they are needed for a 10-46. Sergeant Tackleberry gives the old lady all the quarters and tells her to mail the quarters that aren’t hers back. The old lady gleefully shakes the coins in her hands. Sergeant Jones encounters what appears a broke down truck. He asks the driver what is going on. The driver that he can’t pass. Then three men begin to clean and wash his car. Unbeknownst to Sergeant Jones and Cadet Nogata, two women are stealing their gas.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version contains two deleted scenes. The 10-48 is now in Sergeant Jones’s area, and Cadet Fackler alerts him of it. Sergeant Jones radios in and tells her that Maloney should take care of it, since they ran out of fuel. Sergeant Mahoney and Cadet Adams are in the car and watch as Commandant Lassard reads a goldfish magazine. They arrive at the scene, where Commandant Mauser is already there. There, Commandant Mauser tells Sergeant Mahoney he’s twenty minutes late. Lieutenant Proctor then shows how late Sergeant Mahoney is to the evaluation committee.

CBS TV Version:



The CBS TV version removes some footage of Commandant Lassard telling Sergeant Mahoney to forget about the evaluation.



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