My Boyfriend’s Back: Blu-ray Vs. TNT TV Version


In April 15, 2000 at 1:15 am, on TNT Monstervision, an alternate version was aired. This version had contained some deleted and alternate scenes. These deleted scenes had expanded on the story line and explained the backstory of a character. None of the deleted scenes would appear on the DVD or Blu-ray. This version dubs over the swear words and would even contain re-shot scenes for just one swear word. The quality is also much lower when compared to the Blu-ray.

Difference Report:


The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene with Eddie saying goodbye to Johnny. He said he wished it was him, but then later backtracks and says he was just kidding.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains an alternate and shorter scene of Johnny and Eddie talking about how Missy isn’t interested that Johnny is alive again.

TNT TV Version:





The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Missy’s father asks who it is, and Missy lies that it’s one of her friends. Missy tells Johnny to leave, as her father will go berserk if she learns that she is dating a zombie. She kisses him and leaves. Johnny puts his ear in his pocket and drives off. The TNT TV version also shortens the shot of Johnny staring at Missy as she leaves his car.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains an extended scene, with Johnny apologizing to Dr. Bronson for knocking on his door so late. Dr. Bronson asks what’s his problem.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains an alternate and longer scene. Johnny visits Murray at the cemetery. Murray scolds him for coming back to him. Johnny explains to Murray that his ear had fallen off on his date with Missy. Murray tells him not to worry about it, as he will dead eventually. Johnny and Murray end up getting into an argument about whether Johnny is dead or undead. Murray then scolds him about knowing everything and Johnny apologizes. Murray tells him to sit down. He explains that there are three levels of being dead, which are dead, undead, and really dead. He says that once you die, you can be undead. Once you’re dead, you become really dead. Once you’re really dead, there’s no revival. Murray then offers Johnny to stay with him for his last day. Johnny declines, and Murray thinks it’s for Missy. Johnny then says that he had became undead because of her. Murray tells him that if he wants to live long enough for the prom, he should talk to someone. The Blu-ray has Johnny gluing his ear back on. He asks Dr. Bronson what to do with the rest of his decaying body.

TNT TV Version:





The TNT TV version removes some footage of Maggie warning Johnny that he will die tomorrow if he doesn’t start cannibalization. Johnny asks how she knows, and she replies that she just knows.




The TNT TV version contains a longer shot of Brenda Bodine telling viewers to check in for a special report about zombies.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains two additional shots, one of Big Chuck warning Johnny that he’ll do the same thing he did to the other zombie and one of Johnny asking who the other zombie is.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Johnny and Eddie pay a visit to Maggie’s house. Maggie explains that her husband had also came back from the dead. A mob had lit Maggie’s husband on fire after he ate twelve people. Maggie tries to warn Johnny to leave the town immediately. Johnny says that he’s in love. Maggie warns him again, saying that he’ll die a painful death. Maggie asks Johnny if he’s really in love with Missy. Johnny replies yes, even to die twice for her. Maggie asks if Missy loves him back. Eddie replies that she did until he ate Chuck. Johnny asks Maggie how to make Missy love him like how Maggie loved her husband even though he ate all her friends. Maggie tells her the story of when she and her husband first moved into the town. She and her husband had only started with two bricks and one cup of cement. They were homeless for the next eight months, but they were still happy. They were able to save enough money for a doorknob. Seventeen years later, they were finally finished building the house. Eddie interprets the story as love takes years to build. Maggie clarifies that the house wasn’t completely finished. There was a window ledge that wasn’t complete. When her husband died, he came back to her house and finished the ledge. He then proceeded to eat her twelve friends and then would be killed by the mob. Johnny thinks she’s trying to convince him to go to Missy’s house and build a ledge near her window. Maggie says that’s not the point. She says that women love a man who can complete tasks. She advises him to tell Missy that he came back the dead just to be with her.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains an alternate and longer scene with Shelly suggesting to Dr. Bronson the idea of eternal youth. The swearing is completely removed and re-filmed in the TNT TV version.

TNT TV Version:





The TNT TV version shortens a shot of Johnny saying “No this is it”.




The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Missy tells her father that she will have to kill her in order to kill him. Johnny gets up and asks for one favor. Missy’s father tells him to shut up. Missy tells him to go ahead and Johnny attempts to say something. However, he is unable to say anything, as his vocal cords have decayed. Missy tells him to whisper it, but he can not. He attempts to explain what he wants through charades. The crowd is able to guess that he wants three words. Johnny points to his nose and his ears, which he rips off. He then taps his knees. The crowd guesses random words. The crowd finally is able to guess the word “please”. Johnny begins to act out the second word. The crowd continues to guess, with Murray guessing “please, knees, nose”. Missy corrects him and says that the second word is “one”. Johnny begins to act out the last word, with the crowd continuing to guess wrong. Missy finally understands the last word, which is “dance”. Missy realizes that Johnny only wants one dance. Johnny collapses again and Missy goes by his side. Missy’s father orders to get away from Johnny.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains an extended scene. Johnny wonders why the robber didn’t knock over the coffee. The judge acknowledges that error and asks Johnny if he may continue. He then says that what was supposed to happen was the robber was going to slip on the coffee and get knocked out by Eddie. There was supposed to be no loss of life in the incident.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains three additional shots, one of Johnny walking away from the court and two of the judge ordering the next person and banging his gavel.

TNT TV Version:


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