Son of Frankenstein: Theatrical Blu-ray Vs. British Theatrical Version


When the movie was being prepared to be released, distributors were ordered by the studios to trim some final scenes before screening. However, a few distributors did not receive the message, thus they did not cut out those scenes from the final prints. This resulted in alternate prints spreading throughout to different regions. This version comes from the original British theatrical version. Allegedly, some of the additional scenes also showed up in Canadian theaters and TV. While the Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection Blu-ray from Universal restores the additional scene and some of the longer shots, there is still some additional shots that are still exclusive to this version as well as one alternate shot that remains exclusive to the Frankenstein: Complete Legacy Collection Blu-ray. This version has yet to be officially released as well. Another shot can also be seen on a 35mm trailer. The audio quality was also severely low, due to the age of the print. Some of this audio was filtered out by The Workprint Collection, but can still be heard in the background throughout the film. The video quality is also poor. But given the age of this version, it has been well preserved.

Difference Report:


The British theatrical version contains an additional scene with Ygor spying on Peter, who is sleeping. Elsa is checking on herself in front of a mirror when she gets a gut feeling. She rushes down the hallways to Peter’s room. Ygor retreats before Elsa enters the bedroom. Elsa looks down on a sleeping Peter and walks out of the room.

British Theatrical Version:



The British theatrical version contains an alternate and longer shot of Baron talking about his father’s legacy if he is able to revive the monster before ordering Thomas to turn on the generator.

British Theatrical Version:


Theatrical Blu-ray:



The British theatrical version contains a longer shot of Baron trying to open the door.

British Theatrical Version:



The British theatrical version contains a longer shot of Baron climbing out of Ygor’s room.

British Theatrical Verison:



The British theatrical version contains an additional shot of Ygor and the Monster going through a hidden passage before Ygor offers to guide the Monster.

British Theatrical Version:



The British theatrical version contains an additional shot of the villagers angrily marching to the Frankenstein castle.

British Theatrical Version:



The British theatrical version contains an additional shot of Baron sitting in the library.

British Theatrical Version:


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