Phone Booth: DVD Vs. FX TV Version


In 2006, the FX channel aired an extended version of Phone Booth. This version added in several deleted scenes to fit the movie into a two hour time slot. Most notably, a deleted scene with Jared Leto, who was completely cut in the original theatrical release, was added back in this version. This version also censors some of the swearing. None of the deleted scenes are in the DVD and Blu-ray. This version comes from a VHS recording and is lower quality compared to the DVD.


Difference Report:


The FX TV version contains some additional footage of people on their phones and walking around New York City.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version contains a deleted scene. Adam hands Stu the phone and tells Stu that it is Lu Ann. Stu takes the phone and Lu Ann tells him that she’s working on a new song. Stu mentions the sitcom and the publishing deal. Lu Ann doubts what Stu is saying, but Stu says that it was already was printed. Lu Ann thanks Stu and hangs up the phone.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version contains a deleted scene. Stu meets another one of his clients, Bobby, in the alley. Bobby says that he wants to drop him, and he is thankful for all of Stu’s work. Stu reminds Bobby of the things he had done for him, such as introducing him to fiance and preventing tabloid magazines from exposing scandalous information of Bobby. Bobby quickly walks away and signs an autograph for a woman. Stu drags him away and tells him that he wants to be there when he goes down the red carpet. Bobby then says he has to go pack, and Stu asks him to think about what he said. Bobby walks away and Stu cheers him on.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version shortens a shot of Stu telling The Caller that he didn’t mean to shoot him.




The FX TV version contains a deleted scene with The Caller asking Stu how much he pays for a haircut. Stu says that he pays $75 plus $10 tip. The Caller then asks how much he pays for a manicure. Stu asks The Caller why out of all the people who have taken manicures that The Caller had chosen him.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version contains an alternate and longer shot. The FX TV version has Felicia identifying Stu as the shooter to the police officers. The police officers then have to escort her away as she begins to swear at Stu. The DVD has the police officers positioning themselves and exiting their cars.

FX TV Version:





The FX TV version contains an alternate and longer shot of Stu negotiating the publicity The Caller would receive if he let him go. He begins to talk about the names the talk shows would call him. Stu tells him that big time TV shows, such as Oprah, Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer, would be talking about him. Stu then cites the amount of media attention the Unabomber had received.

FX TV Version:





The FX TV version contains an alternate and longer shot of Captain Ramey telling Sgt. Cole that he will handle Braman.

FX TV Version:





The FX TV version contains an additional shot of Braman berating Captain Ramey for not waiting for him to arrive to the scene. Captain Ramey tells him to back off as he is busy trying to communicate with the suspect. Braman asks Captain Ramey if he want another repeat of an incident that resulted in a police officer getting shot.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version contains an additional shot of Bramey approaching the news teams and updating them that Captain Ramey will be in charge of negotiations.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version contains a deleted scene with Stu talking to The Caller. Stu tells him that the understands the message The Caller is trying to send. Stu tells him that a portion of the population deserves to be punished, and that everyone secretly wants to dish out what they deserve so they can stop hating themselves. The Caller asks Stu if that’s how he truly feels, and Stu responds that The Caller has brought that out of him.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version contains two additional shots, one of the prostitutes yelling at Stu and one of Captain Ramey watching as the prostitutes yell.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version contains a deleted scene. The paramedics tell Captain Ramey they’ll be giving a sedative to knock Stu out for a few hours to numb the pain. Captain Ramey asks the paramedics to wait for a few minutes, as the police are bringing down the sniper’s body so Stu can identify the body. Captain Ramey then orders the police officers to remove the press. The DVD has an alternate shot of Captain Ramey squatting.

FX TV Version:





The FX TV version contains a deleted with Pam and Adam. Adam approaches Pam as she is walking away. He asks her if she’s an actress, and then introduces himself. Adam asks if she’s interested in a photo shoot, because she resembles Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie.

FX TV Version:



The FX TV version contains an additional credit for Mia Cottet, the actress who plays Lu Ann.

FX TV Version:


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