Sea of Love: Blu-ray Vs. Network TV Version


In it’s TV airings, stations were given an extended version. This version contains three deleted scenes. These scenes are restored back in the VHS release by Universal. However, they have not been released in the DVDs or Blu-rays and the TV version censors out swearing. The three deleted scenes that are featured in the extras section are entirely different. One of the deleted scenes notably involves Lorraine Bracco, who’s was completely  cut from the theatrical release. Another deleted scene can be seen in the trailers. This is taken from a VHS recording and contains some minor audio quality issues.


Difference Report:


The network TV version contains a deleted scene. Frank walks outside the apartment and is near the school. He notices a man outside, and glances at him suspiciously. The man also notices Frank. Frank heads towards the phone booth and calls in the code to assist an officer. He exits out of the phone booth and stands around near the man. The two briefly stare at each other until they both draw out their guns. There is a tense confrontation as multiple police cars arrive on the scene and other police officers being drawing their weapons. A class of children is seen exiting the school. The police hold the children back while the man drops his gun. He reveals that he’s a bodyguard. Frank takes away his ID and hands it to another police officer. One of the boys walks up to Frank the confirms that the man is a bodyguard for him and that he works for the Iranian delegate. The boy hands a card to call his father, who works for the United Nations. Frank awkwardly apologizes as the police hand back the man his ID and his weapon. The bodyguard walks away with the boy and Frank thanks the officers for having a fast response time.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains a deleted scene. Serafino walks into the break room and greets Frank. Frank tells him he was almost shot on the duty, referencing the incident with the Iranian bodyguard. Serafino shows a bullet wound in his shoulder in response. Frank then sees his ex-wife, Denice, approach him. He asks her what she’s doing here and she said she needs to talk to him. They exit the station and Denice questions why Frank is tormenting her husband. Frank denies it and talks about how Denice’s new husband exaggerates his words. Denice tells Frank to open up to her. Frank says that during the confrontation with the Iranian, he realized he doesn’t love anybody.  He notes that he has no wife and no kids. Denice brings up the fact that Frank had a wife and the potential of kids. Frank argues with her for bringing up the past, believing it is irrelevant to the conversation. He then goes on to say that he has to fall in love soon, as time is running out for him. Frank mentions that looking at Denice reminds him of the time the two had went up to a cabin. Denice mentions to Frank that she is pregnant. He congratulates her.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains a deleted scene. Frank returns to his apartment with a bag of groceries. He drops off the bags and heads to his kitchen to grab a bowl. He is then startled to hear a man’s voice. He almost draws his gun and realizes it is his father. His father jokes with Frank that he’ll spill his drink if he shoots him. Frank asks what his father is doing here and he responds to check if his telephone is working. His father then tells him that his partner, Jack Rogan, had died last night. His father then asks to refill hi drink. The Blu-ray has an alternate shot of Struk saying his roses are red poem.

Network TV Version:




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