The Blair Witch Project: Blu-ray Vs. Extended Version


This is an extended version created by me. This version clocks in over an hour of footage of deleted scenes, many of which are lower quality compared to the Blu-ray. The version compiles additional scenes taken from these sources; a VHS recording from the FX Channel, a pirated copy of the Sundance screener that was leaked out in 1999 online,  the CD Josh’s Blair Witch Mix, the VHS exclusive Sticks and Stones: An Exploration of the Blair Witch Legend, exclusive extras, exclusive extras and the Artisan Special Edition DVD and adds them into the Lions Gate Blu-ray. This version took a year and a half to make. Almost all the deleted scenes featured in the extended version have not yet been officially released on DVD, Blu-ray or VHS.

Difference Report:


The extended version contains an additional prologue. There is multiple news reports, which dates a chronological timeline of the search rescue efforts and the finding of the filmmaker’s footage.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an additional shot of Heather filming her backpack and asking where Josh is. There is also a longer shot of Heather zooming into the books she’s going to bring.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains two additional shots of Heather and Josh joking around as they film each other.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather thanking Mike for joining the project.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Mike revealing to Heather that he has never eaten a power bar before.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene, with Josh placing the camera on another table and Heather talking about the schedule.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an additional shot of Heather screwing up her lines and ordering a reshoot.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene with Heather talking about the crumpled up film that is their first scene.

Extended Version:



The extended version contain a deleted scene. The woman who is being interviewed explains the condition of the men’s campsite and how the men were never found.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an extended scene of Heather trying to go through Mary’s stick gate. She ends up accidentally breaking the entire stick gate as a result.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a lengthy deleted scene. Heather explains on camera about another urban legend, known as crybaby bridge. She explains that the KKK had once populated the area, and had hanged a Black baby from that bridge. She then explains that the baby’s cries can be heard when a train comes by at midnight. Mike corrects her by saying the train is not real as well. Both begin to argue about whether or not the train and the baby are both real. Heather continues her story, talking about a local’s encounter with a fox.  She checks the time and it’s nearly five minutes before midnight. They approach the road and Heather tells Mike to get the sound ready. They continue to drive as Heather and Mike give Josh the directions to where to drive. Mike struggles with his gear before they reach their location. Mike has trouble with the portable DAT recorder and stays in the car to fix it. Heather hands Josh the camera so she can be able to explore the area. She then re-explains the legend again and says that they’re heading towards crybaby bridge. They reach the inside of the bridge. Heather check the clock and sees it’s 12:05 and states they have three to five minutes left. They all stand and wait to hear the noises. Heather and Josh begin to smoke. Mike tells Heather that there should be blood dripping out from a chute. Heather notices a piece of rope hanging from the bridge, but Mike dismisses as an electrical cord. Heather takes out another cigarette and tells everyone to clear the road and stand against a wall. She asks Josh to turn the camera to record any traffic coming by. Heather begins to explain that there is many manifestations of this legend and that more people have heard about this legend compared to the Blair Witch. Josh notices a car coming and moves back. The car honks as it drives by. They all head under the bridge and Mike wants says he wants to look for the blood dripping. Heather checks out and notices some liquid dripping. She suspects the liquid is water and confirms it by licking it. They stand around for a bit and Heather hears another dripping sound. They investigate the sound and learn that it is oil. Heather tries to find the water source before Mike calls her over. They listen carefully and hear a hooting sound. Heather says it’s just an owl and wonders why they’re wasting their time. Mike tries to argue back that they spent some time looking at oil. Josh tells them to shut up. Mike walks away and Heather says that Mike’s urinating. Heather asks Josh whether it rained last night. He replies that it was pouring rain. Heather comments about the owl. She talks about Celtic history of a ritual of the death of someone by keening for days on end and sounds similarly like an owl. Heather notes that the camera is running lows as well and asks if they hear a train. She then asks why the owl sounds like a train, but isn’t completely sure what the sound is. Mike says he hears a plane and then tells Josh to record the telephone pole. Heather says that the owl hooting sounds similar to that of a train and a baby crying. Heather zooms in on Josh’s hands. Josh then jokingly shoves the camera. Josh says that he was cupping his hands to catch the baby so that it will not fall on the ground. Heather says that there is no blood dripping onto his hands and that he’s on the wrong side as well. They head back to the car and Heather says that this was not the results they had expected. She then states that they will attempt to film it again. Then there’s a long shot of Josh staring at the camera.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Josh coughing. Mike jokingly asks if he’s going to die. Josh says no before clinking their beers.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene. Mike recites a poem that he created in college. Josh likes it and compliments it. The next one he recites is favorite one called “Did You Ever”. Josh likes the poems and toasts for him making the poems. Josh grabs a cigarette and asks Mike to turn it off for a bit. Mike talks to the camera. Heather asks about admissions slips before Josh walks in. He begins to recite a poem he made. Mike compliments the poem and calls him Jaykob Dylan. Josh recites another poem he made. Heather joins in and recites one of her poems.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an additional shot of Mike driving and a deleted scene of Josh on sitting top of the windshield as the car is moving.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an additional shot of Heather asking Mike how much feet of film they’ve shot so far and a longer shot of the car driving past the house.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene of Heather talking about how they are trailing to be on schedule. Mike begins to sing another song before Josh jumps across the creek. There is also a longer shot of Heather walking towards the creek.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an additional shot of Heather messing up her lines before Mike and Josh tell her to start over.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Mike setting up the tent and a longer shot of Heather joking around with Mike.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather laughing in the tent.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather zooming into Mike’s body hair.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather filming the woods as they walk before she talks to Josh and Mike.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather and Josh talking about the rain.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Josh as Heather is updating their status.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Josh arguing with Heather about being lost.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Josh asking Heather to give him the map.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an extended scene of Heather yelling at Mike for losing the map.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an extended scene, with Heather hitting Mike attack her and trying to shut off the camera. Mike threatens to punch her if she continues before Heather walks away.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an extended scene, with Josh knocking Heather down as she leaves. Heather yells at him for knocking her down and threatens to beat him up if he does so again. Josh insults her as she walks away. Heather berates him for insulting her instead of Mike. There is also a longer shot of Heather filming Mike and Josh, who are both calming down. She asks them why they’ve stopped again

Extended Version:



The extended version contains longer shot of Heather filming Mike and Josh, who are both calming down and a deleted scene. Josh disagrees that they should not continue going south. He believes that they will be more lost if they continue to go through the woods. Mike and Heather believe that they should continue, as that’s where the car will be. Josh offers to stay behind and stay in the area. He offers to flag anyone down and let’s them know that he’ll remain there. Heather says that he’s coming along and asks how they will be able to locate him. Josh says that this is the highest point of the woods. Heather mocks him for that and Josh argues that it’s the most logical move to do. Heather argues back that they had already agreed to keep moving south. Josh thinks that it’s pointless to keep moving south and believes that eventually someone will cross paths with him if they stay. Josh offers to climb up on trees to create some flags, but Mike and Heather keep declining. Josh warns him that this is a bad idea and tells them that if anything happens to them, it will be their fault. They ask him how, and Josh says that it his judgement call and that they’re taking him to a dangerous path. He reiterates the idea of staying here, this time citing the idea that there are planes flying over. Mike asks him what the planes can do, and Josh responds that he can send smoke signals. Mike and Heather both doubt that he is able to set a fire. Heather tells him that they’re heading south and orders to follow. Then, there is one longer shot of Heather walking towards Mike.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains some additional footage of Heather and Josh filming the stick figures that the Blair Witch had created. Josh comments that he almost has filmed everything and that he wants to get away from this area as far as possible. They also discover some bone figures on the fragments. Heather digs at them before Mike walks away.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene. Heather is filming the group in the tent. She says that they’re a little lost. Mike tells her to turn off the light, as he doesn’t want to attract the forces that had messed with them earlier. They begin to discuss the events that had occurred today and how scary that it was for them. Josh says that he’s not in the mood to think about what is happening. Heather says that they’ll laugh at this event. Josh reminds Heather that they had interviewed many people about the Blair Witch. He theorizes that some of the locals are deliberately messing with them. Mike says that he doesn’t understand how they’re still lost in the woods. Heather brings up the map again, and Mike says that the reason he kicked the map in the creek was because Josh had crinkled up the map and threw it on the ground. He apologizes again for losing the map. Josh asks Heather who she thinks is behind the events. He still believes that it is sick human beings that are behind this. Mike says that there must be multiple people involved and Heather adds that she can hear sounds all around them. Josh asks Heather about the cult that had lived in the forest. She say they are the Blair Witch Cult. Josh asks when they were active and Heather responds that around the late 1960’s. Josh wonders if it’s possible that people still live in the woods. Mike asks him where they would be living and Heather tells him the cult wouldn’t live in the woods but perform activities in the woods. Mike says that he is scared and doesn’t want to talk about what happened. Mike states that he can’t believe  that he’s lost in the forest. Heather tells them that they should sleep and hope that they won’t get lost again. Then, there is an extended scene of the Blair Witch making noises near their tent as everyone panics. Heather tells everyone to get the recording equipment ready.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather following Mike as he runs through the woods, away from the Blair Witch.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of the camera filming the darkness and a longer shot of Heather filming the woods.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an extended scene with Heather telling Mike and Josh that they should investigate what happened to their belongings.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Mike picking at his fingers.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Mike putting on his backpack.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an extended scene of Heather questioning why Mike and Josh are singing the national anthem.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather crying as Mike swears in the background.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather crying and falling on the floor.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene. Mike suggests about leaving their backpacks behind to help speed up. Heather does not want to abandon their backpacks, as their film is in their backpacks. She refuses the idea. Mike asks what they’re gonna do then. She explains that using the camera makes her stay sane and productive.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather calling out for Josh.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather calling out for Josh.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an extended scene, with Mike trying to explain that Josh most likely went out for a walk. Heather screams out that she will kill Josh if she learns that he’s just deliberately hiding from them.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Mike setting down the tarp.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene. Mike is crying about the possibilities that may never be able to accomplish. Heather takes responsibility for what has happened. Mike says that it’s not her fault and that this problem had become enormous. He let’s her know that he doesn’t believe she is responsible for any of this. Heather reminds him that they will have to explain this Josh’s mother. He consoles as she cries and repeats that it’s not her fault. Heather says that she wants to figure out how to leave the forest and that she doesn’t care about the movie anymore. She states that’s she only taping because she wants people to understand what happened to them if someone ever comes across their footage. Mike says that God will take care of them. Heather responds that she’s an atheist. Mike says that she should be believe in God as she believes in fairies and witches. Mike and Heather reveal to each other that they’re scared. Mike reassures that it’s alright and that they’re gonna shoot some footage to show what they’re dealing with. Heather starts to cry again and Mike tells her to calm down. Heather tells Mike to the digital audio tape recorder to record audio if anyone happens to them at night. She gets up and says that they’re fine.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Mike filming the forest.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather filming the package the Blair Witch left behind.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather filming the package the Blair Witch left behind.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of Heather trying to put on her backpack.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains two additional shots, one of the trees and one of Mike sitting on the floor and bobbing his head.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of the woods.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an extended scene of Heather admitting that she was very selfish and naive for putting other people’s lives in danger.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains an additional shot of Heather saying that she never intended anyone to get hurt and that she is scared. There is a longer shot of Heather admitting that she should’ve told Mike and Josh about the other stories. This would’ve made them more prepared

Extended Version:



The extended version contains three deleted scenes. Heather begins crying hysterically in the tent. Mike tells Heather that he wants to send a message. He says that everyone he knows is an important part of who he is. He asks that they keep his memories alive, because he believes he’s going to die. Mike says goodbye to the camera. Mike asks Heather if there’s anything else she wants to say. She apologizes to him and says that she feels guilty. Mike tells her to remove that mentality. Heather tells him all the thing’s she should’ve done to him, such as paying him and going back to the car earlier. Mike says that it’s not her fault and tells her apology is not needed. She regrets messing around with the Blair Witch. Mike tells her that the Blair Witch had messed with her, not the other way around. Heather asks how Mike is able to sleep. He says that he has nothing left, and she says has a little bit of will left. She says that she will go down with the camera rolling. Mike then takes over the camera.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a longer shot of the camera rolling after the Blair Witch knocks out Heather.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene of a news report Teresa Serio from Channel 11. She interviews two people who are part , Deputy Hart and Bill Combs. Deputy Hart reveals that many people, including volunteers and children had joined in the search effort. He explains the conditions of the search and the plans for tomorrows search.  She switches to Bill and asks why he’s volunteering. He explains that he’s camped in the are before and is optimistic on finding the trio.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene of a news report of Minette Marcial. She explains that there’s no new updates of the search efforts. She then hands the report to Keith Whitacre. He says that the fate of the trio may determine on how fast the search team are able to them.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene of a news report by Keith Whitacre. He interviews Officer Leonard Callihan and asks him why they’ve decided to call off the search. The officer explains that it’s been ten days and they’ve searched the area two times already. He also adds that they are choosing to focus on other leads. Keith asks the officer if it’s possible that the disappearance is a hoax. The officer states that he doesn’t believe it’s a hoax and that there’s no evidence that leads to that suspicion. Keith asks him if there is evidence of foul play. The officer says he has no comment on that yet. Keith then asks what’s the next plan for the search. The officer says that they plan on interviewing some of the local people and search for other witnesses.

Extended Version:



The extended version contains a deleted scene of the forensic investigators examining the condition and quality of the film canisters and tapes after they’ve been found.

Extended Version:


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