The Crush: Blu-ray Vs. TNT TV Version


In 2001, TNT had aired an extended and alternate version of The Crush. This version contained several deleted and extended scenes that have not been officially released on DVD or Blu-ray, while also being cut down for violence. The TV versions were also the first time that had Alicia Silverstone’s character name changed from “Darian” to “Adrian”. This was before DVD and Blu-ray releases had also changed the character’s name in accordance to a lawsuit by the real-life counterpart of Darian Forrester. The quality of the TNT TV version is notably lower compared to the Blu-ray release.

Difference Report


The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Nick is seen drinking and reading the newspaper in the backyard. Adrian sneaks up in the fence and observes him for a few seconds. Moments later, Nick looks at the fence and calls out Adrian, prompting her to run away.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Nick drives Adrian to the horse racecourse. She leaves the car, while some girls watch her. As she walks away, she turns around and snarks at the girls. The Blu-ray has an additional shot of Nick scrubbing his Plymouth.

TNT TV Version:





The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Amy asks Nick where he found Mario Analdi. He reveals to her that he was the babysitter and that Levansky had fired him. Amy questions what Mario could possibly know. Nick tells her that it doesn’t matter as long as they have an additional detail that no one else has. Amy writes down her phone number and hands it to Nick. He asks her if they would talk about this over dinner. She leaves, politely declining the offer.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. The phone rings beside Nick’s bed, causing him to wake up. He picks up the phone and Adrian asks him if she’s the first call for today. Nick asks if this is Adrian and checks the time. Realizing it’s very early in the morning, he hangs up and goes back to sleep.

TNT TV Version:


The TNT TV version shortens a shot of Nick typing on his computer.




The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Michael and Nick are in a limo and are heading towards the Levanksy’s for an interview. Michael asks Nick if he knows which questions not to ask Levansky, which Nick responds that are only about four possible questions that he can ask. Before leaving the limo, Michael asks him Nick if they could get anything out of the interview and published before Friday.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version shortens a scene of Nick inspecting Adrian’s room and finding a knitted pillow of her initials and Nick’s initials.




The TNT TV version removes a shot of Adrian unbuttoning her shirt.




The TNT TV version contains an alternate and shorter shot of Adrian taking off her shirt. The TNT TV version has a shot of the shirt falling on the floor. The Blu-ray has a point of view of Nick as Adrian takes her shirt off.

TNT TV Version:





The TNT TV version shortens a shot of Adrian closing the door.




The TNT TV version shortens a shot of Nick trying to sneak past the bathroom.




The TNT TV version contains an extended scene of Nick and Cliff walking up to the attic. Cliff asks how Nick is doing lifting the boxes as they walk up.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version removes two shots of Cliff laughing and Nick nervously laughing along.




The TNT TV version shortens a shot of Nick asking Adrian if they can talk.




The TNT TV version contains an alternate shot of Adrian’s vandalism on Nick’s newly painted Plymouth.

TNT TV Version:



The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Nick walks into Amy, who is showering. He asks what she wants for breakfast. Sh12e responds that she wants some coffee, which Nick heads out to get. After some time, Amy gets out of the shower. A shadowy figure is seen approaching the foggy mirror, causing Amy to be scream. It reveals to be just Nick with the coffee. He apologizes and hands her the cup.

TNT TV Version:


The TNT TV version shortens and removes several shots of Amy shaking off the bees.



The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Michael warns Nick that if any outburst happens again, he will be fired and will no longer be able to work in the magazine industry again.

TNT TV Version:


The TNT TV version shortens a shot of Nick asking why no one believes him.



The TNT TV version contains a deleted scene. Cliff is seen putting some suitcases in the car, followed by Adrian and Liv. Nick and Adrian glance at each other before the Forrester’s drive away.

TNT TV Version:


The TNT TV version removes three shots of Adrian swinging the cane at Nick.



The TNT TV version shortens a shot of Cliff banging at the door.



The TNT TV version shortens a shot of Adrian swinging the cane at Adrian.



The TNT TV version shortens and removes some shots of Adrian slamming the cane on Cliff.



The TNT TV version removes two shots of Adrian getting punched by Nick and flying across the room from the force.


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3 thoughts on “The Crush: Blu-ray Vs. TNT TV Version

  1. The Crush (1993) / The Crush of Truth.

    1. Spiritual Acts
    3. The first time i saw the “The Crush” i was stunned by Alicia Silverstone who
    4. perfectly embodies the love transmitted by Darian Bleecher.
    5. ( The Crush 1993 – Clip: Just Friends: )
    6. It is my heart beats strong as if it were the first kiss.
    7. ( Kong: )
    8. Based on a true story, it tells an eternal truth that will belived
    9. in every generation until the end of time: love for the groom.
    11. Darian a girl full of life like the morning dew, places her love in
    12. an altar for the one she loves. But Nik unable to love does not allow
    13. Darian to become a woman and eats the forbidden fruit of his career
    14. (Gender: Amy Maddik). Which in my language has two meanings:
    15. One ( KA+RI+ER ) stay in this spirit and two ( KARI+ER ) you are fucked.
    16. His spirit does not love her, refuses all responsibility and betrays her
    17. in her home because she is a teenager too young to love her !!!
    19. I want to fall in love, but this world will break your heart.
    20. ( Chris Isaak-Wicked Game: )
    22. Little Darian you fell in love with the world a false groom who lies,
    23. steals virginity and kills the heart. Only a son of YAHWEH who is a true
    24. man would never have disappointed you because they have faith, hope and
    25. eternal love for the one they love. They tell the truth they accept virginity
    26. and protect you with their lives. And in order not to scandalize no one will
    27. wait until maturity. (Love is not age for those who have flourished.)
    29. A dedication to the real Darian.
    31. Darian Bleecher i am not the fan of anyone and I never be, but they are
    32. the one who takes care of the one he loves and his spiritual, economic
    33. and physical needs. Today that writing to you i am thirty year old, i
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    36. Thank you that you have shown that you are a wonderful
    37. female full of life, that you have become history.
    40. Economic Acts
    42. Thanks to those who have shed light on censorship and to
    43. the illuminating comments scattered around the internet.
    45. THE FURY 617 – YouTube
    50. Shout! Factory – YouTubeThe
    51. Crush (1993) Alicia Silverstone, Cary Elwes – Official Trailer (HD)
    53. The Crush – Blu-ray
    57. Darian Bleecher, et al v. Alan Shapiro, et al
    58. State Civil Lawsuit Superior Court of California,
    59. County of Los Angeles, Case No. SC026592
    64. Acts of War
    66. ( Walter Veith 3 Jesuit Theater, Ocultism and Hollywood: )
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