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In Brazil, a special extended version of Jaws 2 was made for their TV stations as well as their early VHS releases. This version restored several deleted scenes, some of which that were never before officially released on DVD or Blu-ray. Most of the deleted scenes that appear in this version also appears in versions that were made for American TV networks. However, one of the deleted scenes is exclusive to the Brazilian TV version. The Brazilian TV version also has some additional extensions to other deleted scenes that aren’t present in any other version. Since this version is from Brazil, the language is in Portuguese with no English subtitles. The quality is also notably bad, as the original VHS suffers from tracking problems.

Difference Report:


The Brazilian TV version contains a deleted scene. Brody observes Ellen at the party, who is telling a waitress for the party to go look cute. He approaches and takes her to hand to slow dance. Len taps Brody on the shoulder and asks if he can dance with Ellen. Brody tells him that he’s all booked up and walks away.

Brazilian TV Version:



The Brazilian TV version contains a deleted scene. Brody and Ellen are driving towards the beach. Ellen tells Brody that Len is planning on turning the town into a resort, where she realizes that Brody is jealous of Len. Then, as they park at the beach, Brody begins to give Len a parking ticket. Ellen reminds Brody that he is her boss. Len walks out of his office and tries to convince Brody to not give him the ticket. Brody ignores him and asks for his license and registration. Len reluctantly gives him his license while also asking Ellen to see if Brody can let him off. Len then approaches Ellen and tells her to get ready for a buyer. After that, Len tries to bargain with Brody one more time to let him off on the ticket. But Brody still gives him the parking ticket anyway and tells him to pay the small fine.

Brazilian TV Version:



The Brazilian TV version contains a deleted scene. Hendricks and Red talk about an abandoned boat on the docks. Then, some divers go down to the wreckage of the Orca. The divers find the camera from the divers who were killed by the shark. They grab it and head back up to the surface. Tom, one of the divers, hands the recovered camera to Hendricks.

Brazilian TV Version:



The Brazilian TV version shortens a shot of Brody directing Phil Fogarty out of his office.




The Brazilian TV version contains an extended scene. Brody tells the other citizens to go one at a time while filing police reports. He sits down as Polly hands him a cup of coffee and asks her what the people are all in for. Polly reveals that one of them is in for petty theft, another for domestic disturbance and one for an exhibitionist. The DVD has an alternate shot of Phil Fogarty telling Brody to call in the FBI while the other citizens swarm him to file their complaints.

Brazilian TV Version:





The Brazilian TV version contains an alternate shot. The Brazilian TV version switches to the Orca corpse while the DVD continues to focus on Dr. Elkins and Brody debating on whether or not the Orca was killed by a shark.

Brazilian TV Version:





The Brazilian TV version contains a deleted scene. Michael storms off into his room while Ellen attempts to talk to him. Brody walks into him room and begins to change out of his uniform. Ellen walks in and asks if the body that Brody had discovered was that bad. He tells her that the smell of death here is the same as in New York. Ellen then asks him if he wants to eat or drink or anything, suggesting a beer. He tells her he wants a beer. Ellen walks out, which gives Brody some time to check out the bullets in his revolver in his bathroom.

Brazilian TV Version:



The Brazilian TV version contains a deleted scene. Len says that Brody was a maniac on the beach when he had opened fire. Larry defends Brody, saying that he thought there was good reason to do so. Mrs. Taft interrupts and says that Brody’s thinking was not rational. Len approaches Larry and tells him that he is trying to make money, but can’t because of Brody’s actions. Larry asks him what he can do. Len tells him to deal with Brody. Larry reluctantly agrees to gather the council to determine what Brody will do.

Brazilian TV Version:



The Brazilian TV version shortens a shot of Len.




The Brazilian TV version contains a deleted scene. In the office, Len makes a motion to fire Brody as the police chief and make Hendricks the new police chief. Larry takes a vote and asks who is in favor of the motion. Everyone but Larry raises their hands. Len asks if anyone opposes. Larry slowly raises his hand. Larry heads out of the office and asks Brody to come in.

Brazilian TV Version:



The Brazilian TV version shortens a shot of Brody and Ellen sleeping.




The Brazilian TV version removes some footage of the boats in the water. It also removes a scene, with Tom talking to Andy. Tom tells him that he should be apart of the diving class. Andy yells back that he’s got company. Tom tells him he’s going to get some lobster, which Andy asks to get him one. Tom then instructs his class to get ready to dive into the water.




The Brazilian TV version contains an extended scene, with Brody walking around the kitchen.

Brazilian TV Version:



The Brazilian TV version shortens a shot of Brody threatening to get drunk and beat up Len.




The Brazilian TV version removes a shot of Hendricks and Ellen watching Brody drive the boat away.




The Brazilian TV version removes a shot of the shark swimming in the water.




The Brazilian TV version contains a deleted scene. The helicopter pilot is trying to unbuckle his seatbelt as he is underwater. He frees himself, but the shark immediately begins to bite into the helicopter. The helicopter pilot begins to scream while the shark chews into the interior. The shark continues to bite into the helicopter until it is presumed that the shark has killed the helicopter pilot.

Brazilian TV Version:


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