Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Blu-ray Vs. ABC Family TV Version

As part of it’s television premiere for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, ABC Family had ran a marathon for all of the Harry Potter movies in March of 2010. As with all of the other Harry Potter films, ABC Family had restored deleted scenes back into the film. This version adds in six deleted and extended scenes that can be seen on the DVDs and Blu-rays bonus features. One of the deleted scenes however, has an alternate shot that is exclusive to the TV versions and is not seen on the official releases. Also, some of the deleted scenes do not have a soundtrack in them, whereas ABC Family had edited a soundtrack edited into them.

Difference Report:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Dumbledore instructs the Hogwarts students to welcome the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students. The Hogwarts students begins to sing the Hoggy Warty Hogwarts song as Dumbledore conducts. Both the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students awkwardly watch as the school sing. The Blu-ray has a longer shot of Dumbledore embracing Karkaroff.

ABC Family TV Version:



The ABC Family TV version contains two deleted scenes. Harry sees Cho on the staircases and greets her. She greets him back and then walks away before Harry could ask her to go to the Yule ball with him. Then a trio of Durmstrang students approach a group of girls. They all bow to them and one of the Durmstrangs asks one of the girls to the Yule Ball. She accepts the invitation. The Durmstrang students bow and leave, with Harry and Ron watching the whole thing.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Harry walks outside and sees two students kissing. He walks away from them and then has eye contact with another couple in a carriage. As he strolls around, he hears Snape and Karkaroff arguing about something. Snape rushes towards Harry’s direction and opens the carriage. He catches the students kissing and deducts ten points to Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Karkaroff warns Snape that something is a sign and that he knows it. Snape denies this. Karkaroff offers to roll up Snape sleeves, prompting Snape to raise his arm. Karkaroff says that Snape is scared and tells him to admit it. Snape tells him that he is not scared and asks if Karkaroff could say the same. The two walk away in different directions. Harry then notices Mad-Eye Moody, who appears to also be listening to Snape and Karkaroff arguing.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains an extended scene. After Barty Crouch Sr walks away from Mad-Eye Moody and Harry, he looks back at them with suspicion. Mad-Eye Moody takes Harry to a secluded area and tells him not to be a hero anymore. He tells Harry that they can win this tournament and walks away.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Harry, Ron and Hermione sit in front of the fireplace. Ron says that Barty Crouch Sr’s murder will be covered up. Harry asks why. Ron says that Barty Crouch Sr was not liked, but he was still a ministry official that was murdered at Hogwarts. Hermione chimes in, saying that everything happening to Harry since the start of the school year is not coincidental. She suggests to Harry to go to Dumbledore.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Ron questions what is on Karkaroff’s arms. Harry has no idea what it could be. Hermione then asks Harry to clarify if Snape had mentioned boomslang skin and lacewing flies. Harry says that is and asks why. Hermione says that Snape thinks they’re planning on brewing a polyjuice potion. Harry tells her that he does not care what Snape thinks and that he has bigger problems to face at the moment.

ABC Family TV Version:

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