Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1: Blu-ray vs. ABC Family TV Version

As part of it’s television premiere for Harry Potter and the Death Hallows: Part 2, ABC Family had ran a marathon for all of the Harry Potter movies in November of 2013. As with all of the other Harry Potter films, ABC Family had restored deleted scenes back into the film. This version adds seven deleted scenes, all of which can be seen on the DVDs and Blu-rays bonus features. However, none of the deleted scenes have a soundtrack in them, whereas ABC Family had edited a soundtrack edited into them.

Difference Report:


The ABC Family TV version contains two deleted scenes. Harry walks down to see Petunia standing in her living room. She tells him that she has lived in this house for twenty years and that she now has to move out in one night. Harry warns her that the Death Eaters after him will torture her if they think she has any information on him. Petunia tells Harry that she is aware of what the Death Eaters are capable of and reminds him that she lost a sister the night Voldemort killed Harry’s parents. She then walks out the door. At the Burrow, Arthur works on a radio. Ron walks in and asks what he is doing. Arthur explains that the radio is for members of the Order of the Phoenix to stay connected with each other when they are on the run. He leaves his work station after Ron tells him it’s time to eat.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Corban Yaxley walks into Hermione’s house. He looks around for a little bit and realizes that the house is empty.


The ABC Family TV version contains an alternate and longer scene. Harry checks his teeth through a reflection before Ron comes into the elevator. After Harry tells Ron that Hermione is with Umbridge in the courtroom, Arthur and Wakanda walk in. Unaware that he is talking to Ron, Arthur offers his support to Reginald’s wife Mary. Once the elevator reaches their level, Arthur and Wakanda leave. Harry calls out Arthur and asks him that if he knows he is being tracked. Arthur takes that question as a threat. Harry says that it’s not and is just warning him. The elevator then leaves with Ron and Harry still on. The Blu-ray has Harry telling Ron where Hermione is.

ABC Family TV Version:



The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Harry and Hermione discuss all of their known information on the horcruxes Voldemort made while Ron sleeps. Hermione is about to say Voldemort’s name before Ron abruptly interrupts her to not say it. He says that the Ministry of Magic tracks people by saying Voldemort. Harry asks how he knows this and Ron responds that he had overheard it from someone in the ministry. Ron asks if that Slytherin locket is the horcrux, which Harry hands to him. A loud thumping noise can be heard. Harry and Ron think the Slytherin locket is alive. Hermione comments that she hates being near it, believing that Voldemort is with them. Harry makes a promise to kill him.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains two deleted scenes. Ron sees a rabbit in the forest and is about to kill it before Harry comes from behind and tries to kill it first. The two chase the rabbit, but they fail to kill it and it escapes. They then start to playfully send spells to each other and also run around. However, Ron nearly hits Harry with one of the spells, ruining the moment. The two walk away. Later, Ron is skipping some stones. He begins to teach Hermione how to skip the stones. She keeps throwing the stones, even with Ron’s advice and demonstrations. Eventually, Ron has to guide her to on how to skip stones properly. As they skip stones, Harry sits near the tent. He looks at the two-way mirror and sees Aberforth Dumbledore.

ABC Family TV Version:

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