Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2: Blu-ray vs. ABC Family TV Version

As part of it’s television premiere for this movie, ABC Family had ran a marathon for all of the Harry Potter movies in November of 2013. As with all of the other Harry Potter films, ABC Family had restored deleted scenes back into the film. This version adds five deleted and extended scenes, all of which can be seen on the DVDs and Blu-rays bonus features. However, none of the deleted scenes have a soundtrack in them, whereas ABC Family had edited a soundtrack edited into them. Also, one of the deleted scenes originally had a visible green screen in the background but ABC Family had chroma keyed it.

Difference Report:


The ABC Family TV version contains two deleted scenes. Ron asks Harry how will he know what the horcrux will be when they break into Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Harry says that he’ll just know and can not explain it. Fleur comes down and hands Hermione a sweater that would match Bellatrix’s style of clothing. She then walks towards Bill. Bill asks if they’re leaving and if Griphook will be joining them. Harry responds says that they will be. Bill warns Harry about goblins, telling him to uphold any deal they have made with them. Later, Harry sits outside of the Shell Cottage near Dobby’s grave. Luna walks up to him and talks about a saying her father said about stars and death. She mentions how strange it was that Dobby knew where to find them when they were imprisoned at the Malfoy Manor. Harry asks if she is heading back to Hogwarts. She nods. Harry tells her that Hogwarts is not the same when she left it. Luna says she is not the same either and then walks away. Ron approaches Harry with his disguise on. Complimenting the disguise, Harry says that he does not recognize him. Ron asks about the two way mirror that Harry has. Harry tells him that he can sometimes see Dumbledore on the mirror when he looks at it.


The ABC Family TV version contains an extended scene. As the Gryffindor students head to the Great Hall, Harry starts marching beside Ginny. She holds his hand.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Tonk rushes to Lupin, who is standing guard with Kingsley. The two hug, and Lupin says that she should be taking care of their son, Teddy. Tonks tells him Teddy is asleep and that she should be here defending Hogwarts.  

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains a deleted scene. Filch locks all the Slytherin students in the dungeons. Pansy insults him and orders to unlock the doors. He walks away smiling, but an explosion occurs. He turns around to see all the students breaking out. He stands there and watches helplessly as the Slytherin students run away.

ABC Family TV Version:


The ABC Family TV version contains an additional shot of Filch angrily standing by himself after all the Slytherin students had ran away.

ABC Family TV Version:

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