Dirty Mary Crazy Larry: Blu-ray Vs. Network TV Version


In the 1980s, a special extended edition was aired to fit into network slots. This edition added in three deleted scenes and one extended scene. The additional scenes have not been released on DVD or Blu-ray. The video quality is also notably lower due to the source tape degrading.

Difference Report:


The network TV version contains a deleted scene. Millie offers George some coffee, but he declines. Larry takes it instead. Then, Deke is seen putting some duct tape over Cindy and Evelyn.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains a deleted scene. Sheriff Carl walks into the room and berates Everett for doing a sweep search. Everett tells him it’ll work. Sheriff Carl tells him that he will be responsible if the sweep search fails.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains a deleted scene. Mary looks around the flea market. Larry and Deke head back to the Dodge Charger. However, Larry notices a group of people playing pitching quarters and starts walking towards them. Deke tells him to go, but Larry still goes to the group. He observes for a bit before asking them how to play the game. Then, he throws a quarter, which lands very close to the wall. He proceeds to pick up the quarters and tells the group that he prefers to quit while he’s ahead. One of the other players asks Larry if they could potentially have another try to win back their quarters, but Larry refuses.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains an extended scene. The group of guys that had bothered Mary earlier talk about which type of engine the Dodge Charger had.

Network TV Version:



The network TV version contains a deleted scene. Mary begins to recite some lines from Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet. Larry says to her to stop talking in puns. She tells him that it’s from a book, and goes off on him for not understanding what she quoted. Larry yells at her back and calls her pathetic.

Network TV Version:


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